The parish cemetery (1918-1922) of Sumacàrcer is located in Solana del Castellet, at the foothill of the mountain crowned by the Penyarroja’s Castle.

It is integrated in the landscape offering breathtaking views of the Xúquer River, the Massís Del Caroig Mountains, orange orchards and the municipal district of Sumacàrcer.
Historically speaking, the priest Alejo Sendra Tarrazó ordered its construction in 1918 due to sanitary problems caused by the previous cemetery. Because of this, the priest planned the new one with better conditions for public health. In addition, the Count of Orgaz, Esteban Crespí de Valldaura, gave part of the land of Solana del Castellet to the church for this purpose.

Finally, artistically speaking, the cemetery offers a unique necrologic landscape made of an architectural complex and a sculptural work consisting of niches in parallel lines, 9 vaults with domes and a chapel. All this creates a beautiful image with amazing artistic value. Given the era of its construction, which was in the heart of Modernism, the cemetery presents several typical features of this artistic style, as it can be seen in its towers, domes and the use of polychromatic tiles and ceramic.

The fact of being located on the mountainside helps to build an appearance of a fortress or a castle in which there are three floors. This is very rare for this type of construction, since the vast majority of cemeteries only have a rectangular ground floor. For this reason, our cemetery offers spectacular and characteristic views of a tourist attraction, rather than of a graveyard.

In 2017, Adiós Magazine awarded our cemetery a prize for being the most beautiful of Spain.