Church of Saint Anthony the Abbot and Saint Nicholas of Bari

The first church was built on the site of a former mosque built in the 16th century. The current one was constructed between 1723 and 1750 under the initiative of the Count Crespí de Valldaura. It is one of the most spectacular churches of the region.

The front of the building shows late Baroque characteristics. It is made of a curved pediment with balls on both ends, and a niche between smooth pilasters with Corinthian façade. In addition, there is the beheaded figure of Saint Anthony the Abbot. On the left side, the bell tower stands. It’s a square tower decorated with double pilasters covered by metallic arcs, which is characteristic of chiming clocks.

Inside we can find three naves, a transept, presbytery, Communion chapel and sacristy. The central nave is covered by barrel vaults whilst the sides are covered by pendentives.

The chapel keeps the image of Christ, a gothic figure from the 15th century. According to the popular tradition it arrived here in 1447 through the river departing from Cocentaina.
Inside the crypt there is a mausoleum where the Counts of Orgaz and Sumacàrcer are buried.