«Houses, streets, stones, history
people, culture, family…»

The city centre is located over a fluvial terrace around a Xúquer’s meander, and at the same time it is placed on the mountainside, which creates a unique picture. Until the 60s there was a small boat that made it possible to cross the river. After that, several footbridges were constructed in 1960, 1965, and 1983. Finally, in 1990 a bridge was built. This was a crucial path due to its strategic location among regions and the fact of being considered a privilege by the King Alfonso the Magnanimous in 1431 for having a small boat and tollbooth.
The most ancient remains in the village are the ones located in Senda Vedà, which date back to the Upper Palaeolithic, the Magdalenian period, 15,000BC to 9,000 BC. In addition, at the foot of the castle there are important Iberian remains and a village from the Bronze Age. Romanic and Medieval remains have also been found in the area of El Teular.

During the first half of the 13th century, the castle, which was inside the boundary of Xàtiva, covered the farmhouses of Cuenca, Benafocen, Xàrquia, Ràfol, Antella, Garbia, Càrcer, Cotes, Sallent, Alcàntera, Beneixida and Ràfol de Beneixida. The farmhouses had Muslim origins. At the end of the 13th century, the castle was left abandoned and the village was moved to its actual location next to the Xúquer River. Even though the conquest of Sumacàrcer was in 1243, when the chronicles name the location of the royal camp in Sallent de Xàtiva, the first appearances of Sumacàrcer’s Mudéjar community take us to James I’s chronicles and the register of Aragon Crown’s chancery in 1268-69. From that moment on, the ownership of the village was passed successively from the Crown to several Valencian noble families: Pròxida (1294-1327), Cervató (1327-1362), Muñoz (1362-1410), Quintavall (1410-1426), Pardo (1426-1433) and Crespí de Valldaura, whose lineage bore the weight of the estate until the dissolution of the stately regime in the 19th century.

There are TOWN CHARTERS from 1403, 1417, 1610, 1612 and 1616, after the expulsion of the Moorish. In 1663, once the village was settled down and the crisis overcome, Ausiàs Crespí de Valldaura, lord of the village, was granted the title of Count of Sumacàrcer. In 1695, Carlos I awarded the privilege to the town to celebrate a fair from the 4th to the 7th of August. This fair was one of the most important ones in the Reign of Valencia until the 19th century. In that moment, and after several marriages, the Crespí de Valldaura obtained the titles of Counts of Orgaz, Castrillo and Vega de Boecillo, with estates in Castella, Serra-Magna and Villasidro, as well as some possessions in Sicily (Italy.
In the Valencian area, they were also the lords of Alcúdia de Crespins since 1499 and Callosa d’en Sarrià since 1761. In the 17th century, Cristòbal Crespí de Valldaura, Aragon Crown’s Vice Chancellor, and Lluís Francisco Crespí de Borja, Orihuela, Palència and Vich’s bishop, were outstanding members of the family.

The 20th of October 1982, the history of Sumacàrcer was altered due to the blow up of Tous’s dam. The rising waters of Xúquer River covered part of the village and the 70% of the fields, leaving behind sad and painful memories. Commemorative plaques have been installed in some houses in order to point out the height of the flood.

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«People, culture, family…»

Sumacàrcer’s inhabitants are open and kind. We are known by our holiday spirit and we would like you to join us in our festivals and cultural activities. It is odd not to have an activity scheduled at the weekends. Follow our social media if you want to be updated with the latest news.


Saint Anthony’s Feast

The closest Saturday to the 17th of January

We make a bonfire in Plaça Major (the main square), and on Sunday the priest blesses the animals.

Holy Week

“The Conscripts” meet throughout the week and they prepare the Glory Saturday’s feast, which consist in decorating the village with paper flags; and when the Glory Mass ends, a dazzling display of fireworks lights up the sky. On Easter Sunday, “the Conscripts” dress up and beg door to door.


Throughout the week, people bake the traditional “Arnadí”, a typical dessert made of pumpkin, almonds and pine nuts.

Romeria To The Hermitage

The Sunday after Easter

On this day there is a pilgrimage from the Church to the Hermitage that celebrates the blessing of our village, and then, people have lunch. People spend the rest of the day there accompanied by the typical ‘dolçaina’ and ‘tabalet’ (pipes and drums).

Republican Meeting In Sumacàrcer

Previous weekend to the 25th of April

Parade, raise of the tricolour flag, lunch, market and cultural acts about the Republic.

Labour Day

1ST of May

Popular brunch in Plaça de l’Era consisting of ‘coca en cansalà’ (thick, crispy bread topped with meat), crisps, peanuts and white lupine beans. A lot of people come together to celebrate this day.

Festival of Youth

Last weekend of May

This festivity is organised by the congregation ‘Filles de Maria’ (Mary’s Daughters) and by the ‘Monument de la Joventut’ (Youth Monument’s commission). It honours the Immaculate Conception. On Thursday, a monument made of cardboard stands at Plaça Major’s roundabout. On Saturday, the Offering of the Flowers takes place and at night there’s an open-air dance. Finally, on Sunday evening, after the Virgin procession, the monument is burnt.

Moors and Christians’ Festival

Last weekend of August

There are parades in which members from both sides wear flamboyant costumes. There are also ‘despertaes’ (awakenings) in the morning and then, they stop to eat ‘coca en cansalà’ (thick crispy bread topped with meat). The last day, the Muslim conquest is represented; and after that, the Christian reconquest takes place followed by the Victory parade.

Patron Saint's Day Celebrations

First weekend of September

These festivals honour the Holy Christ of Sumacàrcer, a statue from the 15th century. It is venerated with great devotion not only by Sumacàrcer’s inhabitants, but also by people from Cocentaina, Beniarrés and Almansa. The most important events are: the Offering to Christ, Paella competition, solemn mass, procession with the statue of the Holy Christ, open-air dances, Valencian ball game and running.


Town Hall
Plaza Major, 1
Monday-Friday 7:30am – 3pm
962 59 52 80
Sports Centre and Swimming Pool
Carrer Pere Selva, 12
Carrer Lepanto, 4
Xúquer Aventura
Kayaking in Xúquer River
C. Comtes d’Orgaz, 42
657 24 06 27
Pharmacy Gómez Sanjuán

Av. Oest, 3
Monday-Friday 9am-2pm and 5pm-8pm
Saturday: 9am-1:30pm
962 59 52 91

Health Centre

Plaça del País Valencià, 1
962 595 240

Cajamar - Caixa Rural
Plaça de l’Era, 3
962 59 54 75
Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30am-2pm
Santander Bank

C. Comtes d’Orgaz, 38
962 595 506

Bankia Bank (ATM)

C. Ausiàs March, 6


La Tendeta de Fer/Shop (Fer’s Li’l Shop)
Gift items, stationery items, toys, bags, accessories.

C. Pintor Sorolla, 8
616 126 913

Monday-Friday 9:10am-2pm and 5pm-7:30pm
The shop is open Saturday and Sunday in the morning.

Facebook: La Tendeta de Fer

La Tenda del Rull/shop and lotteries (Rull’s shop)

C. Pintor Sorolla, 6

Estanc Ma Trinitat/tobacconist’s shop

C. Pintor Sorolla, 7

Carmen, beauty centre
Hairdresser, beauty and massages
C. Pintor Sorolla, 11
685 52 79 84
Opens all day
Cristina, hairdresser and beauty

C. Esgoletja, 9
692 219 803 / 962 595 636

Raquel, hairdresser and beauty

C. Crist, 11
658 589 325

Hogar moble N1/furniture
Furniture, mattresses, sofas, decoration

Free parking

Avda. Oest, 34
962 974 458

Monday-Friday 10am-1:30pm and 5pm-9pm
Saturday 10:30am-1:30pm and 5pm-9pm


Inst, Monelèctric S. L. /electrician and electrical appliances

Electrical set up, AC set up, free quotations, electricity reforms, Euronics’s electrical appliances Sale.

Condes de Orgaz, 30
600 563 568 – 962 595 348

Monday-Friday 10am-1:30pm and 5pm-8:30pm
Saturday 10am-1:30pm


Textiles Samar S.L.
Production and dressmaking of clothing. Uniforms.

C. Mestre Serrano, 12
962 974296

Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm and 3pm-7pm

Friday evening closed.



TOTESTIU rural house
Comtes d’Orgaz, 10
+34 652 848 016 / +34 627 447 902
Casa La Terraza
Calle Florida, 7
605 70 61 01
Casa Rural Vora El Ríu
Carrer de l’Esglèsia, 7
606 158 004


El XirinGo / summer beach bar

Passeig del Xúquer (next to the canoeing club)

Emi M’enjars Dasí i D’allà / take-away food
Traditional, Mediterranean and ethnic cuisine
(min. 6 people)

622 012 777
962 974 090

Bar La Piscina

C. Pere Selva, 12
651 032 982

Bar Ricardo / restaurant

Catering, Spanish tapas, combos, events
Home-made tapas, paella, fideuà (pasta with seafood), arròs al forn (oven-cooked rice), brunch, cuttlefish, combos and all sorts of sandwiches.

Comtes d’Orgaz, 32
652 013 450 – 962 595 191

Monday-Friday 6am-5pm
Saturday and bank holidays 6am-12am
Sunday 6am-6pm

El Calloset / restaurante, grill

Home-made pizzas, paellas, BBQ, skewered diced pork, tapas, sandwiches, Moroccan food.

C. Comtes d’Orgaz, 42
657 240 627

6am – close

La Cantina / bar, restaurant

Daily menu. Weekend menu
Paella, garlic-marinated rabbit, gazpacho manchego on demand, sandwiches, traditional cousine.

Road CV 560
630 653 068 – 962 595 368

Winter: 7am-8pm
Summer: 6:30am – 10pm

Facebook: La Cantina

Cafetería L'Era

Plaça de l’Era, 13
651 03 29 82

Monday-Saturday: 8:30am-1am
Sunday: 8:30am-12am
651 03 29 82

Black Night / pub
Av. de l’Oest, 13
615 891 740


Supermercado Alós
C. Rei en Jaume
962 974 519 / 609 675 259
Supermercat Diego Soler
C. València
962 974 133
Carnisseria Naturil/butcher’s, delicatesen
A selection of cold meat. Preparation of traditional artisanal sausages since 1971. We are well-known for our varieties of black pudding «Gosset» or «Llonguet», as well as for the Catalan sausages made of onion or rice. We also have an assortment of hamburgers.

Plaza de l’Era, 2
653 131 733 – 962 595 340

Winter: 8am-1:45pm and 5:30pm-8pm
Summer: 8am-2pm


Carnisseria-Forn Carrasco/butcher’s, bakery
C. de l’Esgoletja
Forn d’Enrique/bakery
C. Pintor Sorolla
Horno de calle Esgoletja
C. de l’Esgoletja
Cooperativa V. Agrícola / venta de productos
Ironmongery, drinks, shoe shop, fertilisers, pesticides, pound shop, cleaning products, insurance, phone shop, food processing industry, administrative agency.

C. del Franc, s/n.
600 518 544

Winter: 8am-2pm
Summer: 7am-2pm